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B & D Flavours Inc. is pleased to announce our recent ISO 22000 / HACCP certification. ISO 22000 is a new international standard, developed by professionals in the food industry. It incorporates the principles of HACCP with a focus on food safety management. The aim of this new standard is to harmonize the requirements of food safety management on a global level. Food safety is a joint responsibility for all parties involved and requires combined efforts to ensure a safe food supply chain. Adequate control is essential as food safety hazards can enter the food chain at any stage. As a leading manufacturer of food flavours catering to the food & beverage industry, we are committed to maintaining an effective food safety system that will be continuously updated according to the requirements of the ISO 22000 International Standard. ISO 22000 / HACCP demonstrates our ability as a supplier to control food safety hazards and consistently supply safe, high quality products to our customers.